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Ductile cast iron piles for foundations

Special applications

Adaptable ductile iron micropile for construction

Saint-Gobain PAM's ductile iron micropile is an industrial product for construction, which can be adapted various to land constraints and building types.
It has a narrow cross-section that is driven or hammered into the ground using an excavator fitted with a standard hydraulic hammer. The micropiles are installed in groups to establish the foundation of a building or to reinforce it.

Our micropiles are used for various types of construction:

  • Rental buildings and residences
  • Industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Hillside underpinning and stabilization
  • Foundations of silos, masts and wind turbines
  • Foundations of bridges
  • Soil reinforcement
  • Invert anchorage
  • Pipeline supports



  • Resistance: of ductile iron to pile driving, soil compaction and structural load.
  • Fast and easy assembly/installation: fitted together using specific male and female conical ends; quick and easy driving and trajectory and depth checking; automatic linkage, easy to use, top pile cut off at ground level; no excavated earth or material to be removed after driving; low investment cost; high installation rhythm with up to 500m of piles driven per day; and very little pile cutting required on site while cut-offs can be re-used.
  • Reliability and durability: of foundations with a rigid set of piles that are perfectly fitted together and that last a very long time in the ground.
  • High performance: injection of concrete into the piles increases the performance of the foundation.
  • Perfect solution: for geotechnical requirements, combining friction and point effect to constitute effective and long-lasting ground reinforcement.
  • Flexibility: necessitates only half the time, manpower and excavation/removal required by bored piles and ideal for areas offering little room to manoeuvre, for example.
  • Safety: immediate safety ensured, low vibration, levels during pile driving, and strong safety record with more than 5,000 km of piles installed over 30 years.
PAM micropiles on site

PAM micropiles on site

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