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Municipal castings


The absolute reference in manhole covers for durability in intense conditions - Class D400

Resistant to intense traffic conditions and silent thanks to its elastomer ring, PAMREX manhole covers are reliable and will stand the test of time.
Since 1987, PAMREX manhole covers has been the trusted choice of town councils, installers and network operators due to their outstanding performance and durability.


  • Safety: with three different openings and designed to be opened using any type of tool, the capacity of this manhole covers to lock at 90° or 130° is a guarantee of safety for the operator.
  • Flexibility: the ergonomics of PAMREX manhole covers facilitate network interventions.


Available products

  • PAMREX safety
  • PAMREX operation
  • PAMREX safety with concrete-filled cover
  • PAMREX safety with exposed frame
  • PAMREX 700 safety
  • PAMREX 800 safety
  • PAMREX 800 safety with assisting arm for opening and closing



PAMREX ® 600 šachtový poklop - Safety
PAMREX® 600 - Safety
PAMREX ® 600 manhole cover - Operation
PAMREX® 600 - Operation
PAMREX® 600 Safety - s pravoúhlým viditelným rámem
PAMREX® 600 Safety - čtvercový rám pro zadláždění
PAMREX 600 šachtový poklop - víko s betonovou výplní
PAMREX 600 šachtový poklop - víko s betonovou výplní
PAMREX 700 - Safety
PAMREX 700 - Safety
PAMREX 800 - Safety
PAMREX 800 - Safety
PAMREX 800 Safety s pomocnou vzpěrou
PAMREX 800 Safety s pomocnou vzpěrou

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