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Municipal castings


Grating version of PAMREX manhole covers

Completely interchangeable with PAMREX covers, the grating version withstands the most intensive traffic loads. Silent thanks to its elastomer ring, the PAMREX grating is innovative owing to its hinge mechanism, which facilitates opening and allows locking safety. It can be used on an ad hoc basis during sewerage inspections or on a permanent basis to ventilate systems and reduce the risk of hydrogen sulphide formation. Ergonomic and safe, PAMREX is available in round or square formats.
Available products
  • PAMREX ­ safety­ round
  • PAMREX ­ safety­ square
  • PAMREX ­ operation­ round
  • PAMREX ­ operation­ square


Mříž PAMREX ® 600 safety, kruhový rám, D400
Mříž PAMREX ® 600 safety, kruhový rám, D400
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Mříž PAMREX ® 600 safety, kruhový rám, D400


Zkouška odolnosti poklopů PAM (karusel)
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