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Municipal castings


Gully grates for all types of areas and traffic

Thanks to it's dynamic stability, DEDRA gratings is suitable for all types of roadway, parking area and curbside traffic. The range is available in flat or concave formats, depending on the diameter, and can be installed on roads and/or pavements.
Available products
  • DEDRA 400 ­ flat
  • DEDRA 400 ­ concave
  • DEDRA 600 ­ flat



Ploché mříže třídy D 400 řady DEDRA ®
DEDRA ® - ploché mříže třídy D 400
DEDRA ® 600 - Grilles plates
DEDRA ® 600 - Grilles plates
 DEDRA ® 400 - konkávní mříž
DEDRA ® 400 - konkávní mříž


Zkouška odolnosti poklopů PAM (karusel)
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