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Ductile iron pipes for highly aggressive soils

STANDARD All Terrain or TT (“Tous Terrain”) ductile iron pipes are protected by an exterior coating that is suitable for extremely corrosive soil in which a zinc coating is no longer sufficient.

The pipes come in two types according to the diameter - PE or PUX:

  • For diameters between 80 and 700 mm: TT PE pipes, coated with a 2 mm layer of extruded polyethylene over an undercoat of zinc (conforming to standard EN 14628)

  • For diameters between 800 and 2000 mm: TT PUX pipes, coated with a 1 mm layer of polyurethane thermally sprayed onto shot-blasted ductile cast iron (conforming to standard EN 15189)

The fittings for these pipes have a thick epoxy external coating for the small diameters and a polyurethane coating for the larger ones. The range of application of coatings is specified in Annex D of standard EN 545.


  • Tried and tested: in addition to rigorous tests performed in the laboratory, the coatings on pipes laid in the aggressive marine soil of the bay of Mont Saint Michel in France have been observed over a very long period, demonstrating their efficiency and longevity. They have also been tried and tested in the large Taweelah and Shuweihat projects in the salt deserts of the United Arab Emirates.
  • On-site support: Saint­Gobain PAM's expert technical teams can conduct soil surveys on request to establish which ductile iron pipe solution is most appropriate in the given geographical terrain and work site conditions.
Saint­-Gobain PAM's technical teams can conduct soil surveys as per the customers’ request.

DN : 80 to 2000
PN : 10 to 25

e-Catalog - TT PE & TT Pux

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