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TAG 32


TAG 32 Range

For gravity sewerage

The TAG 32 pipeline system in ductile cast iron is specially designed for gravity sewerage. The range is composed of pipes of between three and six metres in length, with diameters of 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm, along with fittings, saddle branches, connections and sleeves that are specific to gravity sewerage.


  • Innovative installation: a real breakthrough in the field for separate gravity sewerage networks, the TAG 32 range facilitates flow capacity thanks to a completely smooth epoxy interior coating. The pipes are thinner and lighter so they can be carried by hand for easier access to congested basements. Fitting the pipes together is now even simpler and no longer requires a flange.
TAG 32 pipeline


  • Durability: TAG 32 pipes are equipped with an exterior coating composed of a zinc and aluminum alloy, followed by an innovative pore sealer in reddish brown, AQUACOAT. This coating is an aqueous phase, solvent-free and Bisphenol A-free mono-component, wich makes the pipes non-porous and impermeable.
  • Stability: coupled with the IM push-in automatic joint in Nitrile, TAG 32 pipeline systems guarantee against ground movement and root infestation.


DN : 150, 200, 250, 300
Gravity flow

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Systém GRAVITAL - trubky z tvárné litiny TAG 32 pro gravitační kanalizace
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